And ” koradji 3 ” different! ” Sai Bopeng is overcome 2077 ” in perpendicular space admiral it is tremendous

Since ” Sai Bopeng is overcome 2077 ” since exposure, vermicelli made from bean starch people cannot help this prospective wind RPG that the money will come and another classic your work of CD Projekt RED ” koradji 3 ” undertake comparative. Although develop business to had declared for many times in the past: You like ” koradji 3 ” we are very happy, but this is a brand-new work. Still cannot prevent vermicelli made from bean starch people cerebral hole erupts guess. And interviewed in round recently in, ” Sai Bopeng is overcome 2077 ” division elaborated the presiding film animation of the group to be made newly again go up in open world and ” koradji 3 ” different. Maciej Pietras of division of presiding film animation is accepting French publication ” Jeuxactu ” in interviewing, through discussing ” Sai Bopeng overcomes 2077 ” perpendicular experience and ” koradji 3 ” the level spreads out right both undertook comparative: “Want data to change ” Sai Bopeng is overcome 2077 ” open world dimensions is difficulty. With ” koradji 3 ” if be being compared, above all the world that we affirm latter is very wide. Because that is an open world that makes by very large-scale natural landscape. From A shift costs a long time to B, because you are in equestrian pass through map, that is to say this is the game that a transverse level extends. And ” Sai Bopeng is overcome 2077 ” it is a perpendicular world, it is a building everywhere, in this world, we build a magnanimity very hard to undertake comparative. In game in demonstrate and be being publicized, you also saw, the hero awakes in his apartment, look to the which real world outside the window. Go out, sit elevator, your can clear understanding includes plural floor to a building. Game will allow a player to enter many buildings, want to know those who finish to everything in the building is manual, because we are certain handiwork is created can the quality with banner bound of casting obtain employment, the program changes what do not have in our world. Be this, ” Sai Bopeng is overcome 2077 ” the city is on run down, will be tremendous. ” the special clarity that division of presiding film animation says, believe freedom spends what prepare higher ” Sai Bopeng is overcome 2077 ” can compare ” koradji 3 ” let person face its situation even. Since after game was announced by CD Projekt government last year, “Free ” also be atelier all the time advocate a piece of when hit card selling a site. Regretful is, ” Sai Bopeng is overcome 2077 ” still be neither one is exact up to now issue time, issue the window to was not poured out of repeatedly even. And before Yamaxun divulges equestrian issue date to be dramatic 2030 or was 2099, and polish analytic company insists game to will spend money at 2019 the four seasons readily year namely in January 2020 – appeared on the market in March.

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