” OL of wild big armed escort ” update content next week: Contend for mode of golden armature new decisive battle

Now, r star was announced ” OL of wild big armed escort ” update, this second will release newlier on Feburary 26, join brand-new game content, weapon, dress is waited a moment, it is introduction of government-owned net content below. On Feburary 26 (Zhou Er) first content will roll out a series of activity of brand-new and free mode, brand-new decisive battle mode and brand-new contest newlier fast, certainly will is extended ” OL of wild big armed escort ” the border land of test version. The role that still can bring first new weapon, dress and expressional movement newlier this offer you is used, and ever introduced in detail last week a series of optimizing and balance. On Feburary 26 (Zhou Er) begin, still can roll out new content and weekly and special sales promotion. Gold of fool of activity of mode of freedom of new play content: Players show amid contention flowery already but the control of the golden armature of self-defence counterpoises. Fight bravely Ko the player of dress armature can gain a mark and its glom on to, next homicide of depend on armature notchs reverse condition. Fishing challenge: For athletics the challenge brings fresh fishing to obtain. Fishing challenges cent to be different type, after playing a challenge, can get what all athletics need to equip, include the fishing rod, special bait that drafts bait and this challenge type, for example the crayfish of the cricket that the river challenges, fenny challenge or the earthworm that are laky challenge. Can begin fish with a hook and line to proper water area next, during participating in a challenge, the ado of the desperado that you won’t be shot by those chaos. Fishing obtains the player with top gross weight to will win victory. 3 kinds of new decisive battle pattern: Player and team capture amid with all one’s strength and carry wrap up, mutual take secretly booty and maintain life. Concern smoke of gunpowder alertly please rise from all directions, black eat black with detail of wanton predatory more. Contest fast will greet new-style target contest fast, players need to shoot a target to be nodded through the examination from horseback, bear down on down circuit score. New weapon B.D. The Evan that the company is about to roll out high quality, high capacity musket of a running fire. The puissant double-barreled long weapon that still has up to the minute styling of company of assorted of cloth of Pan Ken of · of D · D is rare canister gun, it is having antique color fade the gunstock with brass coating and elegant adornment. These two weapons will strap list of fatigue dark company and local firearms shop to roll out in benefit. New dress and expressional act are new a series of dress that roll out can disguise a role further for you, it is cap of spot of illuminative water chestnut with the snake, the Lateliji of furry edge waists-coat, also can follow the dress such as new attire, jacket, boots, coat, glove, cap and waists-coat to be rolled out together. Besides all new dress that can offer your choose and buy, in also asking advertent shop and catalog in a limited time occurrence distinctive article. The still has diversity new expression action that is about to roll out, arrive from greeting, reaction provoke, have everything that one expects to find. PS4 experiences content first besides new target contest fast, PS4 player still can experience open target contest first fast, who to see can go up from horseback in open space destroy most target. PS4 player still can experience weapon of distinctive fighting at close quarters is maxillary first knife, its hilt by the mandible of the animal that be killed clever carve and become, and a series of new dress option and 3 kinds of new expression acts. The experience value of this week rewards this week amuse oneself ” OL of wild big armed escort ” test version, all activities are participated in to be able to get the additional experience value of 20% before be being rolled out newlier on Feburary 26. We will continue to make, balance and development ” OL of wild big armed escort ” the world, the award that pushs newly every week alertly please, gift, sales promotion and content are newer. This second ” wild big armed escort 2 ” update content to will go up formally on Feburary 26 line, r star also alleges type of this the upper mould that make a line still will be optimized ceaselessly, provide better experience for the player.

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