Let a person must be taken! Wang Saicong answers a problem 3 days to be reaped unexpectedly on the net 200 thousand

Recently, cent answers platform of interlocution paying fee very fire, brush explode friend circle. National husband Wang Saicong is entered be stationed in this platform, 3 days answered 32 questions, income 200 thousand, with one action is brushed explode parrot history boat before this retentive profitable record.

Work laboriously of Mr. Shi Hang answers 1341 questions, every problem collects fees 38 yuan, plus many eavesdropper, its gross income 65851.5 yuan. And the price that quizs to Wang Saicong already from 3000 yuan when begin / rise 4999 yuan / .

The report raises a question, paying those who expend interlocution platform consumption is knowledge or privacy. The original intention of the person that found wants to build it seems that is a knowledge retail platform, but, come round to look from eye, what the netizen likes still is all sorts of privacy the Eight Diagrams, some people care the way of the investment of President Wang, but it seems that the privacy that more person cares him.

The problem still depends on, interlocution paying fee obtains true privacy impossibly. Who also won’t oneself true one’s secrets is official at the world, celebrity is not exceptional also. Besides, privacy issue involves legal issue toward contact.

No matter be to rely on knowledge retail make money, still rely on to traffic privacy to make money, cent answers the fame that what platform of such interlocution paying fee consumes still is celebrity, it is to was each celebrity to offer the opportunity that reaps bonus of vermicelli made from bean starch again nevertheless.

Regard record of a record as anonymous person, both neither is met somebody requires curious knowledge to your query, also won’t the privacy that somebody will come care you. If this problem encircles discipline by recreation appoint clerical Zhuo Wei answers back and forth, probably again good did not pass. What platform of interlocution paying fee consumes is main still be fame. This reason is so simple actually.

It is be expert at that cent answers an application of the generation on the foundation. Be expert at and original the stance that maintained a kind of Gao Leng, the means that the user expends with paying consults a problem to people of all sorts of so called professional ox. Be expert at when just was being rolled out, it seems that very fire. But come down two this years, because set wall paying fee, its user vivid jerk has been inferior to knowing far. Know share platform as free knowledge, although some are big V is not as authoritative as be expert at social class, but the free mode that knowledge shares, however more accord with an user psychology and use habit.

So the issue came, can know with be in freely obviously on obtained thing, should answer in cent why on pay cost to obtain, and, the speech answer that cent answers has 1 minute only, also cannot say too much content. So, what the user pays fee for it is more valuable the content that perhaps is interested more, that is privacy. Of course, the market exchange value of privacy inevitable the fame link up with with a person. Of course, some people also can rely on to hitting the label that knows people one’s secrets to make money.

So, know before cent answers, roll out know Live experiment edition is worth. Value the information making a yard that the user shares him in circle of small letter friend, someone else must pay cost ability to look complete an information, after paying cost to examine, feel satisfactory to money puts in an author ‘s charge. But value it seems that fire disappeared from the scene one blast too. Value just also be opposite know the big V that go up is most advantageous, and, with know the fixed position of platform itself also is put in conflict.

Do not deny, platform of interlocution paying fee still has particular fascination. Because, the relation of the celebrity in gregarious media and vermicelli made from bean starch before interlocution paying fee changed this.

In small gain or know on, the relation of big V and vermicelli made from bean starch extremely imparity. Especially one is having millions of, on the big V of ten million vermicelli made from bean starch, very difficult attend to of each vermicelli made from bean starch leave a message or the question that vermicelli made from bean starch raises. Fair number of Baidu a hunderd schools and small letter offers dozen admire, the pattern that although also innovated,knowledge sells, but do not have from go up at all the relationship that changes God and vermicelli made from bean starch.

Big V if now and then replied of a vermicelli made from bean starch leave a message, or, transmit of vermicelli made from bean starch leave a message, vermicelli made from bean starch can have the feeling of kind of favour that be faced by the emperor.

But expend interlocution mode through paying, the position of vermicelli made from bean starch won certain promotion, look to go up in the face of money uncle, v of renown National People’s Congress also is accept everything more.

For instance, a vermicelli made from bean starch gives teacher of 6 gods open and upright to hit on fair number admired 100 yuan, 6 gods need not need Care makes admired vermicelli made from bean starch this completely however. But, answer in cent on, vermicelli made from bean starch needs to hit only admire a few yuan, 6 gods teacher can be his to record a paragraph of small frequency commonly.

Again for instance, wang Saicong such super net is red, he answers 32 questions 3 days. I believe, have 32 people not merely absolutely to what he quizs, but on opposite Yu Weibo, vermicelli made from bean starch obtains the opportunity of attention to had promoted greatly.

Pay the change that expend the mode of interlocution or just concerns through economy, changed the position of celebrity and vermicelli made from bean starch thereby. It is even, let the equal status that a kind of market achieved to trade between celebrity and vermicelli made from bean starch. Vermicelli made from bean starch acquired contented move through paying fee, everybody had between one asking and the other answering obtain feeling.

From the point of current sale a movement in martial arts, what platform of interlocution paying fee goes still is in those days sina rich guest and the celebrity line with small primary gain, this also agrees with the product logic of its itself.

But next real problem depends on, whether does this one platform have powerful vitality? It is transitory, the playing that still can let a person last goes down.

These year we saw a lot of alleged the application with one hot night, but, everybody often fresh went 9 days. Once measure Yan Ling application very amused at the beginning, but, very fast everybody plays be bored with, did not play, because, play to appear again outdated, appear Low. The question with a lot of transitory the biggest application is not namely just needed, its just satisfied temporarily interest requirement, and your person has the power that has going down continuously hard.

A person quizs a few times to Mr. Shi Hang probably about the same, you are counted on very hard, vermicelli made from bean starch of certain iron lever can spend money every day the answer to query of Mr. Shi Hang or eavesdrop Mr. Shi Hang.

Platform of interlocution paying fee is worst to the broadest user. According to the commercial pattern that its design, pay cost eavesdrop and obtain cent what vermicelli made from bean starch also can pass others to become. But, vermicelli made from bean starch can from which gain money? It is very difficult to be afraid.

It is with Wang Saicong exemple, he answered 32 questions 3 days income 200 thousand, average every problem gains 6250 yuan income. The person that quiz gives have 3000 yuan among them, additionally 3250 yuan come from the eavesdrop of other vermicelli made from bean starch. Divide into through eavesdrop, the vermicelli made from bean starch of the query also can obtain 3250 yuan it seems that, seemed to still earn 250 yuan. But, this among them the biggest risk is, of interest of other vermicelli made from bean starch reduce. The question that Wang Saicong answers is more, the appetite that everybody pays cost eavesdrop is smaller, and his query collects fees taller, so, the risk of the person that quiz is bigger also.

The celebrity that is inferior to Wang Saicong to fame quizs, the get one’s own back that vermicelli made from bean starch wins from which may lower. To query of Mr. Wang Feng a problem needs to cost 2929 yuan, the price with Zhang Ziyi is same, but, the vermicelli made from bean starch that eavesdrop barks the peak replies has 23 people only commonly. The person that quiz wins get one’s own back from which hard.

The user is the foundation of Internet application. But, dividing answering product logic is to should displease an user however. Consequently, answer in cent after Baogong, how tarry user, be afraid will be the biggest question.

The privacy that acquires personality is not just needed, one minute obtains true intellectual guidance hard again. An application always cannot want to let an user keep giving money.

Finally, the vitallest issue is, interlocution paying fee is a function only, cent answers it’s hard to say is a good product, it does not have what technology camp almost.

Interlocution paying fee and dozen admire, like nodding assist, it is a function that interacts with vermicelli made from bean starch nevertheless. Its just increased a kind of new vermicelli made from bean starch interactive means. The celebrity user that answers a lot of minutes just also treats this as a means that interacts with vermicelli made from bean starch. Some person name are very big, but, quiz every time collect fees not tall.

Take each socialization platform is the most popular now dozen admire a function for. We had not known the earliest it is what person thought of such good idea, but, all of very fast Baidu, small letter, small gain learned to go, of direct seeding platform advocate sow people it is support is hit more admire realized estate counterattack, got on car of a person of extraordinary powers, live went up a person of extraordinary powers curtilage.

Paying the future that expends interlocution to be afraid also will be such. Be expert at can do, know also can do, such the platform such as date of small letter public, small gain is OK also doing. Now the be in a complete mess direct seeding platform of those fire, affirmation also can roll out such function.

If, small gain wants to increase these functions, can realize a product very quickly to update iteration, roll out interlocution paying fee, this pair present big V and vermicelli made from bean starch are more convenient. To moment, vermicelli made from bean starch people it is OK to quiz to daughter-in-law of national husband, countryman on small gain directly, and national husband also need not put out small gain again, go reaping to other platform.

What kind of is the destiny that answers as to cent? I can say only, if, its cannot well, have product transition as soon as possible, tarry big V, tarry user, meet in the future probably very Bei is urged.

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