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The metropolis in very much now melon seeds added many salinity, in although melon seeds is,living necessary, small when dried fruit, but for the patient to cannot contacting polysaccharide not less, eat the melon seed of walnut flavour less as far as possible at ordinary times. Especially diabetic patient, melon seeds although nutrient value is high, can be good at lienal appetizing, oily nevertheless content can be very strong, eat much light put on weight, put an end to eat overmuch melon seed.

Had you eaten walnut flavour melon seed?

Eat melon seeds to have exquisite

Melon seeds contains salinity too tall, cause high blood pressure easily, and the source that hypertension is 10 thousand disease. Housing meets melon seeds of melon seeds of long-term crack with teeth in mouth take away the saliva of people in great quantities, and the life health that many devoid saliva meets pair of people is those who have menace and harm (there is many intellectual attestation in this bit of network) .

Most diabetic knows dietary cure is the important step with control elevatory blood sugar, know to need a few much food to reduce pancreas islet burden, control illness develops, so snack becomes them to guarantee one of resorts of enough nutrition. In daily life, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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A lot of patient loves to eat melon seed, even all the day melon seeds does not leave an opening, think to be able to reduce hungry feeling so, little imagine, eat melon seeds to be opposite more diabetic adverse.

Had you eaten walnut flavour melon seed?

Value of melon seeds nutrition is high

Melon seeds nutrition is rich, aroma is inviting, watermelon child can bowel of lung of be good at stomach, benefit, embellish; Sunflower fatty acid and vitamin E content are rich; Melon seeds has drive southA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Bug action, proper crack with teeth in mouth nods melon seeds, can stimulate the gustatory nerve on the tongue, the exudation of stimulative saliva, gastric juice, advantageous digest, healthful, still can promote facial sarcous sport.

According to the report, sunflower has medical treatment value, can treat the disease such as have diarrhoea dysentery, pustular sore.

Had you eaten walnut flavour melon seed?

Take melon seeds note

But because certain sugar is contained in melon seeds,divide, diabetic person should eat less as far as possible, if eat the melon seed of 500 grams everyday, affirmative to blood sugar meeting is influential, go against diabetic person to dominate blood sugar. In addition, melon seeds is divided outside containing rich protein, still have oil, a large number of enter feeding make quantity of heat increases greatly not only, and make hematic fat elevatory. Fat of one part blood can give birth to dextrose of action translate into through candy different, elevatory blood sugar.

Additional, when melon seeds of crack with teeth in mouth, saliva can be spat on melon seeds carapace because of conglutinate and loss. Saliva spends much prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, can cause the disease such as gingivitis of oral cavity ulcer, tooth, dental caries, indigestion, and still make taste slow, anorexia.

Saliva conduces to the food inside cleared oral cavity residual, reduce bacterial breed and barmy chance, andShanghai noble baby

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Can protect oral cavity mucous membrane, once the diabetic produces oral cavity ulcer, very difficult heal, so, when eating sunflower, bestShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Rind with the hand, be sure to keep in mind to cannot eatA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Too much.

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